Coins have been regarded as an object of desire throughout the entire world since they were first introduced. They are a document of the times which brings the past back to life and reveals the story of history like nothing else.

Learn the history of our world with coins in an exciting and interesting way. Perhaps you are holding in your hand an item with which a king once paid a soldier. These coins have experienced the adventure of history, have passed through too many hands to count and have now come to be in your possession. On the other hand, modern editions are a mirror of current events represented in an artistic and valuable way and which vividly preserve them for the coming generations.

Collecting coin is a deeply satisfying passion that is shared by millions of people in Germany. With our excellent range of services, we would like to support you in expanding your collection or expanding your investment portfolio.


The value of a coin or the estimation of its value is dependent on a variety of factors. Newcomers to coin collecting are often astonished to learn that a coin made from an alloy of copper and nickel can be just as valuable as some gold coins. The explanation for this can be found in the so-called collector value, which is determined by the rarity (issue) of the coin, its popularity (demand) and by its condition or grade:

Rarity: In new releases, the rarity is ascertained by the issue. The majority of coin issues are strictly limited by the government. Particularly popular collection themes and issues can therefore quickly sell out. For older coin issues it is often not the mintage that is decisive. What is more relevant here are the numbers that are currently actually available, because over the years a large percentage of the original amount have been lost during wars, melting down, etc. A currency conversion can also lead to scarcity.

Popularity: demand for the majority of coins is set off against the strict limitations by the state. There are millions of enthusiastic coin collectors internationally and worldwide. Interesting issues of particularly popular collection themes therefore quickly sell out, in spite of an apparently high issue. New issues can therefore achieve substantial increases in value within a short period of time.

Condition or grade: a further, relevant factor determining the collection value of a coin is its condition. The better the condition, the higher the collectability of the coin. Age also plays a decisive role. Modern proof coin issues are among the most sought-after specimens. Antique coins with a grade of, for example, “very fine” can realize top prices.

Value of the material: the most well known criterion for the value of a coin is its material. As a method of payment, gold and silver gained in significance over the course of time. Today most of the coins found in monetary circulation were minted from a copper nickel alloy (CuNi). Commemorative coins are made of silver, gold or rarer materials such as platinum.

Complete collections – the most valuable: complete collections are the most valuable. If you own all the coins within a collection theme then you have a really precious treasure of which you can be proud. Complete collections are worth more than the sum of the individual coins.

So how valuable is a coin? The value of an individual coin depends on various factors. Our expert team would be pleased to help you to evaluate your collection. Simply get in contact with us and make an appointment.


Are you interested in selling your coins or your collection? Although, of course, we regret you want to stop your exciting passion, we would be pleased to assist you further.

The value of your collection is governed by the criteria of rarity, demand, condition, value of material as well as if you have a complete collection of a certain theme. You can read more detailed information about the “Evaluation of your coins” here. The actual process of selling your collection is very easy and uncomplicated.

To easiest way to go about this is for you to send us a list of the coins that you have in your possession as well as their condition. This can be done by post, e-mail, or by telephone. Our experts will then evaluate your collection. Depending on the extent of work this can take several days up to a week. Following this you will receive a fair offer to purchase.

Please get in touch with us and send us an overview of your coins


You can purchase our products safely. The sale of millions of coins and medallions as well as 40 years of experience speaks for itself. We guarantee the authenticity of all coins that we offer.

Our team of experts inspects many valuable and rare specimens every day. For these particularly rare coins you will receive a certificate from us upon purchase, which confirms the authenticity of the individual coin.

We guarantee you the safe purchase of coins – no ifs or buts.


Collecting coins means collecting the values and experiences of history. There are several basic rules that should be followed to ensure that your precious pieces stay looking good and retain their value.

In spite of the heading we would first like to make the following statement: cleaning of coins should be avoided! It is extremely important that the original condition of the coin be preserved. Cleaning a coin always means changing the original condition. This is especially true of patinated coins. Over the course of time a patina develops on the surface of antique or older coins, which, in collectors’ circles, is regarded as a particular sign of authenticity.

For modern coins this means they should only be handled with special gloves and using tweezers. In this way damage to the coin’s delicate image or its edges can be avoided.

We would be pleased to further assist you in caring for or restoring your valuable originals. Simply get in contact with us.

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