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Emporium Merkator is the name of the Emporium Group’s successful retail and mail order business. This department creates the modern online shop as well as a printed catalogue each month by the same name, “MUENZKURIER”.

These information channels are clearly structured and full of exciting information about new products and worldwide attractive coin issues. Ordering is especially easy for the customer. The success speaks for itself. Over one million orders make Emporium Merkator a significant coin trading house in Europe.

Emporium Merkator appeals to coin collectors of various specialist areas with a customised product range. Product ranges including euro coins, historic coins, antique and investment coins, collector coins from around the world. High-quality coin accessories and very accurate advice is all part of the customer service. This forms the basis for a convenient service for the selective creation of a valuable collection. Emporium Merkator has been carrying out this collection service for many years with growing demand.

Over 1 million orders: Emporium Merkator

The experienced purchasing agents at Emporium Merkator specialise in the field of collector coins. Whether it be a euro, Deutsche Mark, Reichsmark or thaler, authenticity is guaranteed by our world-renowned good name. As quality and performance are two closely connected components in the trade of collector coins, customers of the collection service receive all coin deliveries exceptionally fast, for a special discounted price on every coin as well as on the shipping cost. There are also exclusive free accessories.

As Emporium Merkator purchases directly from the official government mints and has fostered excellent contacts for decades, the company can pass on the savings directly to the customers. This saving is considerable compared to an individual purchase. The risk is virtually non-existent, as every coin is thoroughly checked for authenticity by experts before shipping. If customers are not satisfied with the coins, they can simply send them back. This ingenious collection service can be temporarily suspended at any time or stopped altogether.


And what about payment? Emporium Merkator offers its customers various payment methods: Direct debit, nought- percent finance, prepayment, PayPal, cash on collection or the TÜV-certified payment service “”. For orders with a value of 100 euros or more, customers can even pay in three or more instalments at no extra charge. The guiding principle of the Emporium Merkator department is “collecting and giving assets”. Expertise, quality and the authen- ticity of the goods are absolutely imperative. After almost 50 years providing successful advice and a comprehensive range for the coin enthusiast “family”, Emporium Merkator looks forward to the next 50 years, in which further exciting products and interesting deals await. A refreshingly reliable, affordable and comprehensive collection service.

All current coin offers can be conveniently and easily order online via the shop

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Customer service

Phone number:
040/254 46-220


Customer service
Phone number:
040/254 46-220


Customer service

Phone number:
040/254 46-220

You can reach the experts in our mail order team by phone on:

Phone ++49 (0) 40-25 446 220

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



Our online shop is available 24/7. We will happily send you our coin catalogue with the latest offers, which comes out every month.

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