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The Emporium Gruppe is one of the world’s leading coin trading houses. We have been a competent and helpful partner supporting coin collectors, dealers, banks and investors in developing and completing their coin collections, as well as in diversifying their investment portfolios, for over 40 years.

The Emporium Gruppe is organized to serve the areas of wholesale trading, investment trading, numismatics and mail order selling. By specializing in these diverse areas of professional coin trading and customer groups, we are able to fulfill our customers’ every wish.

Dear Coin Enthusiast,

I would like to thank you. Thank you for giving us something precious: your time.

I assure you, the time you take to discover Emporium Hamburg is not lost time, but time well spent. German philosopher Manfred Hinrich gave us the relevant phrase, “since people have been shaping coins, coins have been shaping people”. The phrase “purchasing coins is a matter of trust” has applied for just as long. These principles, along with integrity and reliability, are the mandatory guidelines each individual employee at Emporium Hamburg has adopted. With this brochure I would like to present Emporium Hamburg and all its facets to you.

For almost 50 years we have been fostering relationships with official state mints around the world, mail order companies, retailers and collectors. Generally you could say, the global “family” of coin enthusiasts. These relationships and mutual co-operation are based on competence, reliability and the trust developed from this

In a time when people yearn for things that will last, the “coin experience” combines timeless art with lasting value in a unique way. With this brochure I hope to fill you with enthusiasm for the subject of “coins”.
We wish you a warm welcome from Stoertebeker House!

Achim Becker

Yours, Achim Becker – Company founder –


Find out about our wholesale and retail business, immerse yourself in the exciting world of bullion coins and historic coin rarities, visit our Stoertebeker House with its huge auction saleroom and the Hameko office (Hanseatic coin and precious metal office).




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